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While many of the social media platforms are free to use, it can take an substantial investment in time, plus consistent effort to build a loyal following on main social media sites. Let us do the work for you by building loyal followers on top social media platforms for your return on investment.

We will build and grow an online presence and reach out to customers using social media.

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The growing number of active users interacting with each other on various social platforms is growing, Facebook 1 billion, Twitter and Instagram 300 Million, it is a media stream you can no longer ignore.

Regardless of the size of business, an online presence is as important as having a smartphone in today's new media stream of 2016.

Choose Your Social Media Package

Social media marketing is becoming one of the fastest ways to grow an online presence. Let MAYACO help you create social media programs and strategies that help you succeed.

WEEKLY Social Media Postingper month$250

  • Weekly social media posting on Facebook & Twitter
  • Timely posts with relevant news
  • Special postings information welcomed
  • We do research and gather timely information for posts
  • Saves staff time to focus on important tasks!
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Some organizations already have social media accounts, but they aren't set up properly for optimal public viewing and experience. We'll analyze your social media accounts and implement best practices for long-term sucesss.

Social Media SET-UP & ANALYSISone-time fee$250

  • Social Media Analysis
  • Verify correct set-up of homepage
  • Create custom artwork for social media homepages
  • Integrate and/or verify social media icons on your website
  • Saves staff time to focus on other important tasks!
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Let MAYACO Marketing help you:

    a social presence through top social media platforms for your business.
  • SET UP
    social accounts correctly.
    with users, create new relationships that drives them to purchase, and motivate them to recommend your site to others.
    valuable content to meet your needs and expectations with an effective social media.
    strengthen relationships with customers and influencers in the industry.
    your buyers, and identify new product ideas.
    web site traffic and improve search engine rankings.
    leads to you for follow-up and potential business.
    monthly reports including individual social media efforts.

Call Mayaco Marketing & Internet at (209) 957-9629 or maya@mayaco.com and
see which social media package may work for your specific needs by contacting us today.