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Mayaco Marketing can help you build your business with email marketing.

Why Email Marketing still continues to produce results?

Some have said email is dead. What do you need to get a social media account? An EMAIL ADDRESS.  Email is still one of the key reasons people use the Internet and they check it everyday regardless of age!  When companies and even politicians turn to generating funds/sales, email still constantly produces results.

Whether you're a small to large firm looking to enhance your email marketing strategies, or a non-profit looking to reduce cost but still build a closer relationship with donors, Mayaco Marketing has years of experience in order to get the job done right and cost-efficiently.  Stay in touch with your customers and even potential customers with a solid email program.  It's easy to start.

We can help you promote your products or services via email. We can help with...

  • Effective overall email strategies
  • Social Media integration
  • Proven tips for success
  • How to build your email list
  • How often is often enough?
  • How to improve your open and click-through rates
  • Designing effective newsletters

Think of the tremendous savings in time and money!

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Why choose Email Marketing?

  • Affordable, priced for small business. Discounts for nonprofits. Start for FREE!
  • Free personal coaching and supportby phone, email, chat, and in person
  • One-click editing— super easy to use, no tech skills required
  • Exclusive email designs, customize our HTML templates with your logo, colors, and photos.
  • Facebook, Twitter linksmake it easy to add social media to your email marketing campaigns
  • Grow your email listswith our tools, secure email list storage
  • Anti-Spam checkerand high deliverability rates get your emails delivered
  • Track and see results, learn who opens and reads your emails, which links they click on

51% of consumers carry their inbox in their pocket. Make sure your emails reach them.

Our Mobile Marketing Resources provide the best practices and tips you need to look great, get notices, get results, and be a mobile marketer.

Call Mayaco Marketing & Internet at (209) 957-9629 or maya@mayaco.com and get started with a successful and low-cost email marketing program today!

Start Your Free, No-Risk Email Marketing Today