Six Top Trends for Online Marketing in 2016

Your clients are on the go. Your website and online marketing should be as well.

  • 4 February 2016
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Six Top Trends for Online Marketing in 2016

Which marketing trends should you be prepared to follow? Here’s a look at the 6 marketing trends that will drive conversations and conversions in 2016. 


Mobile Marketing

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop!  Google officially confirmed what they have been anticipating for years.  Mobile usage has grown even more since they made this announcement on May 2015.
Why do large companies like Google, Target, Walmart, the government, international non-profits, healthcare and others now focus on mobile?  Because their data shows that their potential clients/customers live in a mobile world.  The number of people who do their Internet browsing on mobile devices passed desktop as well not just for search. Everywhere you turn, you’re bound to see someone using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.  Implementing a mobile-friendly website for your business is crucial to giving consumers who own smartphones and tablets the best digital experience.  This should be a priority for organizations in 2016 if you haven't already done this.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media marketing solutions help businesses launch campaigns, grow followers, boost engagement, increase sales and find loyal customers.

Social Media is a vital part of any online marketing campaign.  The question is "Which one is right for our company?"  That all depends on the audience you are trying to reach and your overall objective.  For example, Facebook can work well for some organizations while it is a flop for others.  Do you have a Yelp, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts?  A professional Social Media expert can ensure that your accounts are set-up properly for your organization.  Business pages are very different from the personal Facebook pages that you might be using.  Get social today!

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

It's a very simple concept.  Customers are number one.  Business schools have taught about the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience.  This includes creating a personalized customer experience that is unique to your business and the individual customer.  There are various ways to do this online with different features and keeping an eye on what's important to your customers and not what's important to your organization internally.  By doing this, you both win!

Online Video

Online Video

Video use is growing by leaps and bounds.  Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular SEARCH site!  That's because people love videos. If you want to engage, video is a must-have marketing tactic. Many find entertainment and education on YouTube over conventional channels like television.  Educating is the new selling.  Consumers want videos that can easily be done with your smartphone.  They want short videos that carry authenticity and aren't slick sales/promotional pieces.  You then can embed these videos on your website.  Start today and who knows, you may become the next online viral star!

Here's an example of a short educational video that provides helpful, timely information and still directs them to the client website.

Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Understand who you are and how you can best provide products or services that are relevant in the lives of your clients or customers.  This puts your clients/customers at the center of all your online marketing efforts.  This includes helping them save time, help solve a problem they may have, or even sharing something new and fun for their lives.  All of this should be geared around the goal of increasing success for your organization (sales, participation, etc.) and being of true benefit for those you serve.

Integrated Content

Integrated Marketing

Your online marketing efforts should be consistent and integrated with all platforms such as your website, Social Media, Email Marketing and even your video efforts.  Brands across the board are quickly learning that an integrated customer experience is essential—one that creates one smooth interaction, rather than multiple individual marketing events. This gets to the heart of what marketing should be; a consistent branding effort to increase consumer awareness and with easy actionable tasks.  From your phone message to your emails signatures, all marketing efforts should be consistent.  This includes your Social Media, website, email marketing, office or in-store communication, online and traditional advertising and other promotional efforts.  Often an outside firm can help you fine-tune these messages and create a consistent marketing campaign for best results.  They also help in seeing your organization and messaging from a consumer's point-of-view and not from an internal perspective.


With over 20 years experience, Mayaco can assist and guide your organization with engaging, compelling and relevant online marketing and branding strategies.  Call (209) 957-8629 or email for professional, friendly and dependable guidance.

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