Email Scam Security Alert - IMPORTANT

Domain notice looks real but it contains a malicious virus.

  • 6 November 2015
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Email Scam Security Alert - IMPORTANT

We hope this will be of help to you. Here's an example of a very clever fake email with a virus we received:

Dear (comes to your company name),

The Domain Name (lists your domain name) has been suspended for violation of the NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. Abuse Policy.

Multiple warnings were sent by NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. Spam and Abuse Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have received.

We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to contact you via telephone.

We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our attempts to contact you.

Click here and download a copy of complaints we have received. (link was removed for this email).

Please contact us for additional information regarding this notification.



Spam and Abuse Department

If you get an email like this, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK, delete immediately.  There are various other similar legit-looking emails from popular banks, utilities, etc.  Hope this will help you be secure with your online activities! 

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