Facebook giving (a little) power to the people!

Facebook news feed tool lets users pick posts to see first. Users can create a see first list that will show every post from selected friends at the top of the news feed.

  • 15 July 2015
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Facebook giving (a little) power to the people!

A new feature introduced recently allows you to prioritize posts from the most important people in your life on Facebook's algorithm

The new feature known as "See First tool" will allow you to control what appears at the very top of your news feed when you check Facebook -- You will never miss a Facebook post again from friend or liked pages.  This tool you can prioritize friends and liked pages, so that you see what you’re interested in first, not what Facebook thinks you’re interested in. (often wrong)

By clicking the Following button which appears at the top of the page's feed a drop down menu appears, and then click See First. Posts from that person will appear at the top of the feed with a star, while the rest will appear below as normal.

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